Scientific Advisory Board

David Needham Ph.D. Physical Chemistry


University Southern Denmark (Syddansk Universitet)

July 2012 – Present (2 years 3 months)University Southern Denmark, Odense Denmark

The goal of the Niels Bohr Professorship is to establish Single Particle Science and Engineering as a new and unique center for research and teaching at SDU. Professor Needham will bring his Micropipet Manipulation techniques and associated analyses, to the study of single micro- and nano-particles. He will establish fundamental studies in the physical chemistry of micro-droplet and microparticle formation and dissolution, and will lead applications in drug delivery formulation and testing in pharmacy and medicine, with special emphasis on cancer. See


Duke University

1987 – Present (27 years)Duke University, Durham, NC

Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, and Member, Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center

William Ernst Ph.D. Molecular Biology

Director Molecular Biology
Molecular GPS Inc.
1999-Present (15 years)

Developing protein expressions and drug delivery systems as new drug candidates in oncology, vaccinology, and lung replacement therapy.

Vestar Inc.

Began science career developing drug delivery systems for the treatment of cancer. His work, in part, led to the FDA approval of anti-cancer drug DaunoXome.